Saturday, January 28, 2012

Regency Spy Romance Novels and Face in Hole.

I've been utterly unproductive as of late. I did a halfhearted attempt of pattern alteration on the 1930's dress, but it has proven to be as tricky as expected so I haven't touched it in a couple of days.
What I have done is waste ridiculous  amounts of time on the internet, and reading regency spy romance novels on my new kindle. About 3 weeks ago I picked up a book on clearance at Barnes & Noble called   The Seduction of the Crimson Rose , by Lauren Willig.

 I was looking for a cheap read while I had to spend most of  the next day away at the doctors to get a whole series of allergy shots. So since it was something regency related,  and stupid cheap I picked it up. Turns out the book is only one of a long series of novels about British spies during the Napoleonic wars. It's kinda schmalzy and frivolous with lot's of silly young ladies gushing over dashing spies. But  I'm hooked and now I need to read all the other novels in this series!
Last week I got myself a kindle, or rather I told Bryan (the Husband) he wouldn't have to get me a gift for Valentines day if I could have a kindle. So I bought my own Valentines gift, beats drug store chocolates picked up on his way home from work any day! The first book I bought for my kindle was the first book of the series, which is called The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.Yay, it's a regency spy romance novel whats not to love!

My other distraction has as always been the internet, man I have no idea how I filled my days before internet! But in particular i ran across a website called  I was looking for a way to photo shop my husbands face onto Dr. Evil's body  as a joke for when he finally get's his Ph.D.

 I's Dr. Nelsen!

Well a friend pointed me to and I've been sticking my own face in various the holes ever since!
 Vive La Big Hair!

It's actually really cool they have famous paintings and movies and actors, I know now what I would look like as Rose from Titanic or Marie Antoinette. I'm Obsessed!
 Here are some of my new alter ego pictures!

 My Teenage Dream.

 Rocking The Regency

Always wanted to dress up as Lucrezia Borgia

Downton Abbey is currently my guilty Pleasure.

 Hey there Colonel Brandon..

Anyway I promise a costume related post next time after all I'm sure I must tire soon of sticking my face in holes....

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