Tuesday, February 21, 2012

1930's Dress Update and Random Stuff.

I've made some progress on the1930's tea gown.

The mock up is finished and has been sent off to the customer.

Dress bodice front...
...and back.

The whole mockup sans sleeves ( please disregard the sewing room mess)!

And the back view, it is kinda tight around the butt...

She tried it on and gave me the green light to go ahead with only the request that I add some more fullness to the back skirt. Which should not be a problem.  Originally the skirt had these strange horizontal gathers that made the derriere look like a drapery treatment. I drafted those out but it seems it made the skirt to narrow for the customers liking. But that's an easy fix i will just add some gathers to the back panel to give it more ease and some nice drape.
So now I could start work on the dress in the actual fashion fabric the customer selected, but due to my costuming ADD this is what i did today instead......

I embroidered some scrap silk material to be turned into a reticule. Will probably try to sell this one. Reticules always sell well......
Also as of today it is official that my friend Stephanie and I will be be vendors at Jane Fest in July and I discovered my logo is up with a link to my website on the Dress U vendor page. http://dressu2012.com/Vendors.htm 

Now all this seems so much more real, I really have to stop slacking and start making stuff for Dress U and Jane fest. I need new costumes for myself and stock for the store. Also a friend asked me to make her a little organza bolereo jacket to go with her wedding gown .

Really I should sew like the wind..... but of course I'm a lazy costumer, so we will see about that!

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