Monday, November 5, 2012

Autum Ramblings

It's been  while since I posted. This is largely due to the fact that I was sick twice this last month, and feeling too lethargic to blog. And because I have not done much I felt was worth blogging about. I've done some little projects here and there but did not finish anything big. I had a Halloween Party but I must admit to my eternal shame that I did not actually make any of the costumes worn by my family. We went as the Addams Family this year, which was a big hit but did not inspire great costuming on my part.

Charlotte made the perfect Wednesday Addams

My husband and daughters costumes where store bought and my own was made from my old choir robe form college, I simply altered the neckline and added some lace. This once hated frumpy choir robe has been very versatile as a Halloween costume over the years, as I have worn it 3 times now in different versions, once with my wedding dress crinoline underneath for an early Victorian look as the bride of death, then again with a witch hat and striped stockings as well no suprise there a witch , and now it served me well as Morticia Addams. Totally worth the $60 I had to pay for this polyester atrocity back in 2000.
Charlotte got lucky this year she had 3 Halloween costumes , She was Wednesday Addams for our party, Cinderella at School...

And cute Cinderella

 ..and a unicorn for trick or teating. Again to my shame none of her costumes where made by myself.... but she was so very happy none the less. My favorite was Charley the Unicorn!

Let's go to Candy Mountain Charley!

As I alreayd mentioned I did not do much on the sewing front. I started work on a riding habit jacket for a cistomer and that's coming along somewhat slower than I had hoped but I think it wil turn out nice enough. I'm not great at tayloring so making jackets and such is always a challenge for me.
The half done riding habit jacket.

 I also made a pair of  pantaloons to go under Charlotte's little regency dress. We had an event at Woodville Plantation to go to this past weekend and the cold weather called for some warm underwera for Charlotte. I whipped them up Friday night using a  modern pajama pants pattern.

Charlotte's cute little pantaloons.
The linen skirt I used to make the pantlaoons from

 The pantaloons are cut  from a white linen skirt I picked up at a thrift store for $1.50. it has 2 rows of pin tucks at the hem that can be let out as she grows and I trimmed it with some lovely vintage eyelet lace from my stash. It has an elastic waist band instead of the more period correct drawstring but I figured elastic works much better for a 4 year old, besides who is gong to see it anyway? Charlotte loves her new pantaloons and insisted on wearing them around the house in  leu of pj pants.
I do not have any pictures from Woodville, but we did head out to the backyard to model our pretty period clothes.

Our cold weather 1790s outfits

 I wore my new American Duchess clocked stockings and new spiffy red Kensingtons with my striped 1790's gown.

 I know that wearing these shoes for 1790's is a bit stretching it, but I juts love them so much, and besides a woman in the backwoods of America probably did not have the latest in footwear anyway...

I think the back is my favorite part of this dress.

 I also sported my newest wig creation topped with a fantastic huge cap I got from my friend Julie who recently cleaned out her costume closet.

Ringlets and a big poofy cap that's how I roll!

Charlotte looked adorable in her striped regency gown with pantaloons peeping out at the hem and her spiffy red cloak.

Too cute for words!

I found her some adorable brown leather half boots at target on clearance last year, and now she was finally able to wear them, good thing I bought them big!

I love those cheap costuming finds, target for half boots who knew?!

2 weeks from now we will have another chance to dress up for Woodville's Holiday's at the House event.
 It's my favorite event of the year as it's all about 18th century Christmas traditions, with costumed guides giving tours in the candlelit house! I was asked to give tours for the event for the first time so I'm very excited.
I have grand costuming plans for the event. something along the lines of a festive 1790's open robe with a red polished cotton petticoat.

I got this fabric last winter and it want's to be a 1790's open robe!

 I ordered some polished cotton online but it's coming all the way from Thailand so I have no idea if it will arrive in time for me to make it into a petticoat . If all fails I still have a lovely backup in my red velvet Ingres portrait gown, a bit later in period but it does look festive.

My back up gown. I copied this dress form one of my favorite paintings.

Madame de Senonnes, c.1814/16  Musee des Beaux Arts, Nantes, France
 Madame de Senonnes,  By Ingres c.1814/16 Musee des Beaux Arts, Nantes, France

Anyway I better get to work I have commissions piling up ad stuff to make for myself. I'm also heading to Ohio for a bonnet making workshop taught by the Coco Chanel of regency bonnets Lydia Fast. Looks like I have a busy month ahead of me!

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