Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Years Sewing.

I haven't done any sewing since the middle of November. Shortly before Thanksgiving my father got very ill so I hightailed to Georgia to be there with him and support my mother. I didn't expect to be down south very long so I didn't take my sewing machine or any of my many projects with me. But sadly my father died on the Monday after Thanksgiving. First there was so much to do with the funeral and all, and afterwards I did not want to leave my mother all by herself, so I stayed through the holidays and ended up spending over a month away from home. Granted I wasn't much in the mood for sewing anyway, but I do feel rather guilty at being utterly unproductive for such a long time, as I have a rather heavy workload for 2014... Oh well these things do happen and family is more important than playing dress up or my little business. Thankfully I have some very understanding customers.
Anyway, I came home to Pittsburgh on New Year's Day. The house is super messy and I really have more pressing sewing projects but I decided to go easy on myself and make my first project of the year fun and simple. So I made a cute little twelfth night frock for Lottie. I had originally planned to go to a friends twelfth night party in Philadelphia ,but my husband had to do some work on the weekend and couldn't watch Lottie for me, this did have the advantage that I could go the Woodville Plantation's twelfth night party instead. I already knew what I was gong to wear.

My 1790s Christmas frock.
My red and cream 1790s open robe and polished cotton petticoat are perfect for such a festive occasion. 

the Amish dress, I got it and the bonnet on ebay for a steal. They only needed a some small alterations to work for regency, but they are rather plain...

But the only winter frock that currently fits Lottie is rather drab ( no wonder since it's an altered Amish girls dress) So of course she needed something a little more festive. I had just the right fabric in the stash as well! An adorable cotton print in red and black on a cream ground that I found on clearance at Jo Ann's sometime this fall. 

Dress fabric closeup. I love the diamond pattern.

They only had 2 yards of it left just enough for a child's frock, so I got it for a new winter gown for Lottie. With the occasion quickly approaching I sat down Saturday afternoon and cranked out a regency gown for my little girl. 

I used the sense and sensibility girls regency gown pattern which is super fast and easy to put together I think it only took me about 2 or 3 hours altogether. The result was a simple and charming winter dress that goes so perfectly with her little red cloak and her new winter bonnet. 

Lottie's winter ensemble.

Her new winter frock, her pantaloons are getting rather short on her. I will have to let them down soon.

Somehow she lost her shoes and found my i phone during the course of the evening.

It also kind of matched my outfit. It was nice to wear some cheerful bright colors after my self imposed mourning of wearing mostly black, gray and purple for a month. 

we kind of match.
So now with the new year in full swing it's time I pick myself up and throw myself into work. I have grand plans for 2014! I'm branching out into 18th century costuming next, and there's of course endless regency sewing and commissions to tackle. Jane fest is looming on the horizon and I need to do some serious shop restocking for that! And then I have a super exciting top secret project, that's going to have its reveal later in the year! But first I have to get trough this arctic vortex thing that literally froze my sewing room!

Tonight it is cold that the windows of my sewing room have ice on them on the inside! I don't think my dinky space heater is equipped for this kind of cold, so sewing will have to wait till temps get above 0 again...

Happy New Year my Friends! May all your costuming projects be successful! 


  1. Awesome blog Julia. I enjoyed reading and the pictures are adorable.

  2. Dear Julia,
    Enjoyed the post. You've had quite a time, and it's good to see you back into the swing of things. No guilt re not sewing: you know, there is a season...
    Such a festive 12th night outfit!!
    Very best,

  3. Thanks Natalie's !
    You know fittingly enough the bible passage we chose for my dad's memorial service was there is a season....