Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bohemian Belle is going to Bohemia !

This past week has been insanely busy! My husband Bryan is now Dr. Bryan Nelsen, he got his PhD in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh Yesterday!

My husband the brand new Doctor on the big screen at Commencement

 Our families invaded  to celebrate this great event with us, which means I spent most of last week cleaning for company and preparing for his graduation party.
Man I'm exhausted!

With the in laws.

And now after 7 years of graduate school we are going on a well deserved trip to Europe ( courtesy of my parents). Thursday we'll head to Germany where I grew up to see family.

Das Vaterland.

 Then next week we will visit Prague for 3 days.

Prague, hope it really looks this pretty!

 We plan to meet up with one of of my husbands grad school friends who now works for Cern ( a huge European physics research laboratory) in Switzerland . So I'll be on Vacation with 2 Physics PhD's,I live the Big Bang Theory in real life!

Hi, my name is Penny, this really is my life!

Anyway, I'm excited! This Bohemian Belle finally get's to go to Bohemia! Well actually I have been to Prague before, 22 years ago when it was first possible to go to eastern Europe, and lord was it depressing. It looked like the second world war had just ended there! But I hear it's quite lovely now.
All this travel means I most likely won't be blogging for the next 3 weeks or so. But I do promise to have lots of pretty pictures to post when I come back. And then of course Dress U will be upon me very soon ,so lost of sewing and other wonderful  things will happen in late may and early June. 
So Auf Wiedersehen dear readers! See you after I come back from Bohemia!

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