Monday, April 16, 2012


I have to admit it I'm a procrastinator!
I finally started to work on that 1930's dress again.
This one remember?

Evil 1930's dress.

I have been meaning to work on it for weeks but somehow I just did not feel the vibe. Well really I still don't feel it, I have no love for the 30's so it's hard for me to want to work on it. But I have however been quite busy crafting and organizing and ordering stuff online for more crafting while avoiding the 30's dress.
Some of my recent work I have shared.already including the christening dress and the 1790's wig. So here;s some more random stuff I did while I was supposed to do actual commission work...
I trimmed some hats.

Spiffy black straw top hat, I think this may go nicely with a riding habit.

Satin crown and straw brim bonnet with net veil and  silk taffeta bows.

The second hat is really a re trim of a earlier hat that I never quite liked...

The original version. The veil was too long, crown was over large and I just hated the cheap poly satin ribbon.

Then I decorated some shoes

Cute little flats that match a hat I have in my stock. These aren't my size and will be for sale.

And finished the red shoes I posted about before

Fantastic red regency shoes baby!

When I wasn't crafting I was surfing the web.
I bought stuff on ebay.
Really lovely pierced and hand painted Spanish wood fans.
I got 12 hand painted wood fans from German ebay. These are from Spain so they are much cheaper to buy in Europe than here. Plan to sell them at Jane fest. Last year it was 95 degrees so fans sell like hot cakes!

And then I got more Sarees

So yummy!
More pretty pretty sarees!  I'm addicted to sarees!

I designed and ordered Jane Austen themed t shirts for selling at Jane fest in July.

Jane Austen, Reading is Sexy!

I would Rather be reading Jane Austen.

And I pinned some 2000 images on my pinterest. All of it regency related! Can you say obsessed?

All of this and more just trying to avoid what I was really supposed to do.
Oh well.... I am determined to finish the evil dress this week and will do a dress update next week. So till then why don't you go waste some time on pinterest?

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