Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly #15 White

Historical Sew Fortnightly #15 White

Running a bit late for the challenge but here it is.
I made a regency bodiced petticoat for my friend Erin. It was made from an embroidered peasant skirt that belonged to her recently deceased mother. She Gave me the skirt a couple of months ago and asked me to make her a petticoat from it, and I only just now got around to it. And almost in time for the White challenge!
The Challenge: White

Fabric: A white work embroidered cotton Peasant skirt, that came from my friends mother.
Skirt embroidery detail.

Pattern: Self drafted, I had to do a lot of piecing....

Year: around 1815-20

Notions: Guterman's poly thread and narrow white ribbon.
How historically accurate is it? Not very I'm afraid aside from the material being cotton. The embroidery is probably machine done, I have no documentation for the pattern as I kind of had to come up with something using the limited fabric I had, and the sewing is all machine done... but it does resemble a bodiced petticoat. So I give it a 20%

Hours to complete: About 3

Total cost: Zero!!!
And Here's the result. A bodiced petticoat that pulls over the head and adjusts with internal drawstrings at the waists and neckline. I uses the ornate embroidery at the hem and uses the original skirt lining to make the upper skirt part and bodice.

Erin was thrilled with it and said that wearing it would be like getting a hug from her Mom. I'm so happy that it's so special to her!