Thursday, January 10, 2013

Costuming Plans 2013

I have grand plans for 2013. But due to my business going so well lately I fear I will have less time for personal sewing. I'm already nearly booked out for commissions till April at which point I will stop taking commissions until August to be able to build up store stock for the Jane Austen Festival in Kentucky.

 But comissions asside I have a couple of things I would really like to make this year.

To start with, I got an extra bonnet kit from Lydia Fast when I took her bonnet making workshop last November. It's a bucket poke style which was very popular in the earlier part of the Regency period. I'm dreaming of  making it in a fresh spring green and trim it with this lovely cream and pink ribbon I've been saving for a special project.
1804 bucket poke

pretty striped ribbon
Then of course I need a new wardrobe for the Jane Austen Festival in Louisville. I plan to sport my Lydia Fast bonnets so I will need some matching day gowns. Not sure what I will wear with the bucket poke, perhaps something flowing and drapey Greek inspired for an early 1800's look. I have a lovely white voile with yellow swiss dots in the stash which may make a pretty summer dress worn with a green petticoat.

Something like this with the sheer voile as the overdress and the petticoat peeking out on the bottom.

I also really like this wrap style with the sheer overdress
But I'm not entirely decided on that. I may make something completely different.
The outfit I plan to wear with my blue bonnet however is already all planned out. I got the fabric at last years Jane Fest. It's a lovely wedgewood blue and cream colored cotton print.

i plan to make a short sleeved 18teens dress with rows of ruffles on the hem. I also plan to make a nice set of undersleeves and a chemisette. to be worn with that gown.

I'm thinking about something like this but with ruffles at the hem instead of tucks

I got a super yummy sheer cotton fabric with a narrow stripe woven in for that purpose at New Boston last year. I also plan to buy some nice stiff cotton organdy and make  a ruff to add to the chemisette.

Super fine cotton fabric for the chemisette and under sleeves

I think it will be super frilly and ridiculous, but that's what I'm going for!
 As for my ballgown for Jane fest I have that all planned out as well! I've got this amazing smokey blue sary with beaded embroidery that I bought to wear to my friends wedding in India. After It has served it's original purpose I plan to cut it up to make a dress.

The ornate end of my sari. doesn't the bead work look very Napoleonic?

 I think it  will make a superb french empire ballgown. Perhaps I'll add one of those fantastic Josephine collars to it we'll see.
I like this bodice style
And I love those big lace collars!

As for non Jane fest projects I hope to be able to finally make some long stays for myself. I started working on a pattern last year but got sidetracked. I've now been commissioned to make a set for a friend and I bought  the mantua maker regency stays pattern to make hers so perhaps I'll be lazy and use that pattern instead of fiddeling with the one I started last year.

Regency long stays

I would aslo like to finally do some 18th century sewing. I was planning on making a jacket and petticoat least year.The fabric has just been laguishing in my stash for years now. Perhaps I'll get around to it this year.

A typical 18th century jacket and petticoat.
My jacket fabric. The petticoat will be  made from navy blue linen.

Another possible project is a short gown. i got some cute floral fabric for cheap and i think it would make a nice short gown. i can always use some lower class clothes for impressions  at woodville.

Got this fabric for $3 a yard at Wal Mart!

Period Impressions Short own pattern illustration.

I happen to have the same fabri in brown as well and i have enough for a whole dress so perhaps i'll make  a work dress from the brown fabric.

And they had more of the $3 fabric in brown ,so I had to get it!
1804-14 dress
Maybe something like this dress with a drop  front..
I really need some more outerwear and I have some really nice cashmere wool that I've been hoarding. It is unfortunately a somewhat unflattering color.

My cashmere fabric.

 I think I will make it into a fur trimmed pelisse . The camel color would look really nice with a darker brown fur.
I must have this fur trimmed pelisse!
Then there's this red wool cloak I have been lusting after for months now. I got some medium weight wool on sale a while back, it's sitting in my stash waiting to be turned into a pretty short cloak.

Late 18th century cloak

I also have some more red wool that I plan to make a spencer out of ,but I have a feeling that's not going to happen any time soon.
Knowing myself and  with all the sewing I have to do for others I probably won't get around to most of the things on my list. As for my current projects. I'm making a blouse and petticoat to wear with a that sari for my Indian friends wedding!

My finished sari blouse

I'm going on a trip to India next week. So I won't be posting for probably the rest of the month. But I promise a huge post about my adventures in India upon my return. Let's hope my camera doesn't get stolen again like it did in Prague.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

With the new year beginning today I figured it was high time I wrote a year in review post. My very first blog post was about my costuming plans for 2012.;postID=9006449727242724640
 Some fell by the wayside but I did acomplish most of the things on my list, and then some. I'm only including personal costuming projects in this post since including the mirriads of things I made for sale and on commission would make this post overlong.

So here it is, my costuming year in review.

Hedgehog wig

Painted regency shoes

 Edwardian evening gown. Made from 2 Sari's.

Not new, but I tricked out my pink ballgown for Dress U. Then promptly sold it at Jane Fest

Silk sleeveless spencer, made from leftover sari fabric from my edwardian gown.

Brown taffeta covered bonnet inspired by a bonnet in Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion.

Late 1790's block printed open robe.

Sari ballgown and matching reticule.

Cotton lined German straw bonnet
Late 1790's work gown and long net fichu.

Work gown back view.
1790's curly wig

Red wool girls cloak
Silk covered puff top regency poke bonnet.

Girls linen pantaloons
1790's printed cotton open robe and polished cotton petticoat. I also made Erin's round gown.
That's it I think.Somehow it seems to me like all i do is sew but i'm surpised at how few pieces I made for myself this year. I'm happy my business is going well and i have a steady flow of commissions but sometimes i do wish i had more time for sewing for myself. With that in mind i hope i get some more personal sewing done this year, but i sort of doubt it. i have grand plans for 2013 but that'
s for another blog  post! Happy New Year!