Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Year in Review

With the new year beginning today I figured it was high time I wrote a year in review post. My very first blog post was about my costuming plans for 2012. http://www.blogger.com/blogger.g?blogID=6443214960814823384#editor/target=post;postID=9006449727242724640
 Some fell by the wayside but I did acomplish most of the things on my list, and then some. I'm only including personal costuming projects in this post since including the mirriads of things I made for sale and on commission would make this post overlong.

So here it is, my costuming year in review.

Hedgehog wig

Painted regency shoes

 Edwardian evening gown. Made from 2 Sari's.

Not new, but I tricked out my pink ballgown for Dress U. Then promptly sold it at Jane Fest

Silk sleeveless spencer, made from leftover sari fabric from my edwardian gown.

Brown taffeta covered bonnet inspired by a bonnet in Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion.

Late 1790's block printed open robe.

Sari ballgown and matching reticule.

Cotton lined German straw bonnet
Late 1790's work gown and long net fichu.

Work gown back view.
1790's curly wig

Red wool girls cloak
Silk covered puff top regency poke bonnet.

Girls linen pantaloons
1790's printed cotton open robe and polished cotton petticoat. I also made Erin's round gown.
That's it I think.Somehow it seems to me like all i do is sew but i'm surpised at how few pieces I made for myself this year. I'm happy my business is going well and i have a steady flow of commissions but sometimes i do wish i had more time for sewing for myself. With that in mind i hope i get some more personal sewing done this year, but i sort of doubt it. i have grand plans for 2013 but that'
s for another blog  post! Happy New Year!




  1. Wow, a busy, busy year! It doesn't include everything you made for clients, either.

    My favorites? The sleeveless spencer, of course :) Plus that brown bonnet! I have to go back and see what you wrote about it. Finally, the sari-Edwardian evening dress. It worked a charm.

    Very best,