Monday, July 2, 2012

Jane Fest Progress

Well I've been living eating and breathing Jane Fest. With less that 3 weeks to go, panic is setting in. Sooo much to do! I still have to make at least 2 dresses for sale off the rack, then finish my ballgown

1810 Dress made from a cashmere shawl, inspiration for my sari ballgown

 and make  my open robe and the petticoat to go under it for Jane Fest day wear.

1790's open robe, i plan something along these lines..

Then 2 more hats for sale and one bonnet for me.

I want to make a copy of this Bonnet from Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion, to wear with my sleeveless spencer!

 I need to make 3 chemises for sale since many of my for sale dresses are semi sheer cotton.
 Like that's not enough I have shoes to decorate, jewelry to make,

Cameo Parure from 1840, I wanting to make something like this to match my ballgown.

 mittens to sew, whip up 10 or so reticules, make a habit shirt to go with a customers riding habit and probably 100 more things I can't remember right now....
But with this as with all things it helps to look back and see what one has already accomplished to get a sense of well accomplishment....
In the past 10 days I have made.

2 off the rack dresses

One of the off the rack dresses that I will be selling at Jane Fest

4 hats

Simple straw hat with ribbon ties.

 Green silk bonnet with hand dyed silk trim and ties,

Red Silk Capote with moss green velvet ribbon trim and pheasant feathers.

Straw hat with hand dyed salmon colored silk ties and  ostrich feathers.

1 sleeveles spencer

Silk spencer made from leftover sari silk.

2 beaded  coral necklaces

Coral bead necklaces

And finished the bodice of my sari silk ballgown...

Silver and purple sari silk crossover ballgown bodice

In addition to this I finished up a riding habit skirt for a customer and made a fitting toile for the riding habit jacket. But I don't have any pictures of these..

So for 10 days it's not to shabby really.
 But now back to work!


  1. Holy Cow woman that's a lot!! But you've done SUCH a lot already I'm way impressed!! You do such beautiful work.

  2. Thanks Robin, I will be needing a vacation after this for sure!