Friday, March 8, 2013

Pittsburgh Jane Austen Festival Sneak Peek

I'm still alive and kicking even if I'm not blogging. I'm super busy getting ready for the Pittsburgh Jane Austen Festival.
 I have been working on a bunch of commissions and then last week I threw 2 birthday parties ( one for the adults and Saturday night and one for the kids at build a bear on Sunday) for princess Charlotte.
 My blog also passed 10.000 views this weekend, so I figured it was time for at least a short celebratory post.
So here's a sneak peek at what has been keeping me so busy these last couple of weeks.

I made some regency long stays for a customer.
They turned out awesome!

Stays made from cottons sateen, with decorative quilting.

Then I made a silk covered bonnet with some of the awesome silk i got in India

Puff top stovepipe bonnet

And because I was on a roll I made 3 more hats....

a straw brimmed Capote with a silk crown.


a straw bicorne "Marianne" hat with some big ass ostrich plume

and then this cute little thing, it's a pimped out Amish bonnet i got on eBay. I added the silk lining, feathers, bow and flowers . Amish bonnets who knew!


Then I made some jewelry.

Jade, Coral and Lapis Lazuli necklaces and a Cameo bracelet.

and a  ballgown for my friend Erin

Regency gown made from a embroidered vintage sari
and most importantly I made a 5 layer hello kitty rainbow cake with cream cheese frosting and raspberry filling for Lottie's Birthday!

Hello Kitty Rainbow Cake

The rainbow was on the inside!

I still have loads of work till the festival next Saturday. I have to put the finishing touches on Erin's dress, make another dress from one of the Saree's I brought back from India for Julia owner of Bingleys Teas, make at least one more straw bonnet, whip up a for sale ballgown from the sari I wore to the Indian wedding ( I was going to use it for my own ballgown but I find the color does not suit me) and if I have time, hopefully make myself a chemistte, under sleeves and neck ruff to wear with my green drop front gown for the festival.

So you see dear readers I really am not slacking I'm just dreadfully busy, so don't expect any posts until after the Jane Austen festival. but I promise to take lots of pictures and write a nice long report about the festival!

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