Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Historical Sew Forthnightly Callenge 7

Looks like I am on a blog post roll right now.
This is just a short one however to show of what I made for the HSF Accessories Challenge

I made a pearl beaded early regency reticule.

The Challenge: Accessorize

Fabric:  Block printed Indian cotton

Pattern: Sense and Sensibility Reticule Pattern

Year: 1795 -1805

Notions:  Poly thread, gold tassel. silk ribbon and faux seed pearls.

How historically accurate is it?                                                                                                                                           
Perhaps 80% the fabric, pattern, and silk ribbons are period correct all outside seams are hand sewn, but the inside seams are machine sewn and the pearls are plastic. I'm not sure of the fiber content of the tassel though it did come form India just like the fabric, and that's a plus right?

Hours to complete:  Perhaps 4, the beading took longer than I had expected..

First worn: At Madame Kat's Jane Auten Tea Party on May 4th 2013

Total cost:  Free!!! The fabric was a leftover scrap from a dress I made for a customer, the pearls ribbon and tassel all came from the stash!

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