Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Historical Sew Forthnightly #7 1804 Bucket Poke

Way back in November of 2012 I participated in Lydia Fast's annual regency bonnet workshop. I wrote about it here.
I made my blue bonnet, that I call the blueberry muffin top at this workshop.

My muffin top bonnet

But because I couldn't decide which hat to make at the workshop I also bough an extra bonnet kit from Lydia for a 1804 bucket poke bonnet. I meant to make it a long long time ago but life happened and I never got around to it... Until now, the Historical Sew Fortnightly tops and toes challenge finally gave me extra incentive to finally make this bonnet!
So here it goes...

Challenge: HSF 14 #7 Tops and Toes

Fabric: Light green Dupioni silk outer,pink gingham silk taffeta brim lining.

Pink gingham silk on the inside of the brim

Pattern: Lydia Fast 1804 poke bonnet

From Lydia Fast's bonnet catalog

Notions: Gutermann's silk thread, buckram, millinery wire, mulling, crinoline tape, ribbon, paper lilies.
How historically accurate is it?
I think this hat is fairly accurate. The pattern is based on an original Costume Parisien print from 1804, all the materials used inside and out except for the striped ribbon which is some sort of synthetic are natural materials that would have been available in 1804. It's mostly hand sewn, only some of the buckram construction was done by machine. I would say it's 90% period correct.

The costume parisien print that inspired the bonnet. I really like the coat as well!

Hours to complete: 9.5

First worn: For pictures only so far, not sure when it will have it's big debut
Total cost: About $85. The most expensive thing was buying the pattern from Lydia Fast. She's a well known and wildly popular milliner in regency reenactment circles and sells her hats for around $250 a piece, you can however buy a pattern kit from her that includes your chosen style along with the buckram, wire, mulling and crinoline tape required to make the hat form. While it's rather expensive, at least you get to keep the pattern and get to make as many as you like. And as Lydia Fast is kind of the Gucci of the regency reenactment scene you are totally paying for the name...

And now some pictures of my newest bonnet creation.

Don't mind the still bare bushes and my neighbors houses in the background....

I was lucky and had just the right flowers in the stash to compliment this bonnet!

My friend Taylor of  Dames a la mode sells them. Best millinery flowers around!

I think I like the new bonnet! Perhaps I'll add a puff top next time !

Turns out my back seam is slightly off center, oh well....

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